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Recreational Accidents

South Florida Recreational Accident Attorneys

There is a lot to offer the person who wants to have fun in the Palm Beach area.  With miles of pristine beaches and gorgeous waters, people come from all over the world to vacation.  However, sometimes efforts to have fun end in disastrous and, sometimes, tragic ways.

If you were in a recreational accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another, you may have a right to recover for your injuries.  An attorney can work with you to fight for compensation for your injuries.

Delray Beach Recreational Accident Lawyer

If you have suffered any type of injury while vacationing or otherwise enjoying life in South Florida due to the negligence of another, you should not have to pay for the medical bills or lost wages caused. A Delray Beach recreational accident lawyer from McLaughlin Morris, P.A. will aggressively fight to win justice for you.

We have spent years in the courtrooms, fighting for victims. Whether you were a visitor or a long-time Palm Beach-area resident when you were injured here, we can represent you. Call McLaughlin Morris, P.A. today at (561) 404-0529, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to arrange a free consultation.

We represent people injured on vacation or at play throughout  Palm Beach, Forlt Lauderdale and Miami areas, including Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

Overview of Florida Vacation Accidents

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Accidents On the Water Off the Florida Coast

One of South Florida's best features is the beautiful blue water. There's much to enjoy, whether it's offshore fishing, jet skiing, speed boating, yachting, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving or more. However, all of these activities involve some level of risk. You could be hurt by an accident caused by another.

There are many others out on the water in boats and other watercraft. If they collide with you or a loved one, whether in a boat, on a jet ski, or swimming, they can cause severe injury. Injuries from the impact may be severely compounded if the victim fell into the water, which may result in:

If the accident was caused by negligence, then you may recover for your injuries from the responsible party. Negligence is the failure to use reasonable care or doing something a reasonably careful person would not do. For instance, a reasonably careful person would not operate a boat or watercraft while intoxicated.

You may have been injured while on a boat tour or a snorkeling or diving tour. When you hire such a service to guide you, they take certain amount of responsibility for your safety. If the driver of the watercraft operates the boat negligently, or you are given an oxygen tank with insufficient oxygen, then they may have failed at that responsibility.  Even if you signed a waiver, they may be held responsible for your injuries.

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Other Types of Recreational Accidents in South Florida

There are as many ways to get injured, as there are ways to have fun in the Palm Beach area. Some of them may include:

If the carelessness or negligence of another was involved in your injury, you may have a right to recover from the responsible party. This could include defective equipment, poor instruction, or reckless behavior from other participants.

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Injuries at the Hotel

If you're at one of the hotels along Ocean Boulevard, Collins Avenue or elsewhere in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, you're making that your home for the time you spend on your vacation. You have a right to expect to be safe and secure in your hotel room.

You are considered a business invitee of the hotel, and they have the responsibility to provide grounds that are free from dangers, and to warn you of any dangers that may exist. A floor that is slippery after mopping, a loose handrail on stairs, a broken guardrail on a balcony, or any damage to the pool can all cause severe injuries.

The hotel also has a responsibility to provide adequate security for its guests.  If a lapse in security caused your room to be broken into, leading to your property being stolen, or worse, you being assaulted, then the hotel may be responsible for compensating you for your losses and injuries.

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Advantages of Hiring a Local Palm Beach Attorney

If you were injured while on vacation in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami or the surrounding areas in South Florida, you may be concerned you have to travel back to Florida to seek compensation.  You may be concerned the cost of travel will make the benefits of recovery not worth the effort.

While there is no guarantee you will not be required to return to Florida, a local personal injury attorney can represent you without your presence in most matters.  At McLaughlin Morris, P.A., we seek to minimize your expenses and time spent traveling.

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Representing South Florida Visitors and Residents Injured During Recreation

An injury can put a quick end to any vacation or recreational activity.  But while an accident caused by someone's negligence can ruin a good time, it doesn’t have to ruin your finances. A Delray Beach recreational accident lawyer can fight for you to be compensated for your losses, if you were injured in the Palm Beach-Fort Lauderdale-Miami area. Call McLaughlin Morris, P.A. today at (561) 404-0529, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, to schedule a free consultation.

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