Case Results

  • Case Dismissed
    Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Battery
    Client was charged with brandishing a firearm when he had a confrontation with his girlfriend in his own home. We effectively fought to get this case dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed
    Carrying a Concealed Firearm
    Client was charged with carrying a concealed firearm when he went through the airport security terminal with a loaded firearm in his carry on bag. We were able to show the prosecutor that it was a mistake, and the client did not know the gun was in his bag.
  • $2,400,000 Settlement
    Missed Cancer Diagnosis

    McLaughlin Morris represented an individual that had a missed cancer diagnosis even though our client had visited numerous doctors during that time period. After all doctors involved were held accountable, a settlement of $2,400,000 was reached on behalf of our client and her family.

  • $275,000 Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    McLaughlin Morris obtained a policy limits settlement of $275,000 for our client who was injured in two motor vehicle accidents two days apart. The accidents left her with significant injuries to her shoulder and her hip.

  • $325,000 Settlement
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    McLaughlin Morris obtained a settlement of $325,000 for our client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident after she was rear ended by another vehicle.

  • $360,000 Settlement
    Motorcycle Accident

    McLaughlin Morris represented a husband and wife who were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident while vacationing in Florida. After fighting with their out of state insurance carrier, we were able to obtain a settlement of $360,000.

  • $500,000 Settlement
    Slip and Fall

    McLaughlin Morris represented a client that slipped and fell at a nursing home facility while on site for work, leaving her with a broken wrist. We were able to obtain a settlement of $500,000 on her behalf.

  • Case Dismissed
    Grand Theft
    Client was facing a felony charge of grand theft when he disputed a credit card charge with his card provider even though he had previously authorized the charge. We were able to successfully argue that the charge should not move forward, because the law was not being applied correctly.
  • Case Dismissed
    Identity Theft
    Client was charged with identity theft when he was stopped at a bank with bank checks for someone else’s account. We were able to find a legal issue with the charge and used that to convince the prosecutor to drop the case.
  • Cases Dismissed
    Clients were charged with battery after a late night altercation outside of a popular bar and restaurant destination. We were able to successfully argue to the prosecutor that our clients were legally defending themselves and should not have been criminally charged.